About Arabesque
Arabesque is an ESG-Quant investment management firm, investing in global equities. The word “Arabesque” describes the geometry of patterns and the relevance of symmetry in nature.

The investment strategy of Arabesque was developed by Barclays Bank circa 2010-2013. It was a collaboration between a few professors from various universities. Following an MBO in 2013 Arabesque was set up independently with a headquarters in London, UK and is regulated by the FCA.


Investment Process
Arabesque follows rules-based approach to stock selection and integrates ESG information with financial and momentum analysis.

The Arabesque investment process favours companies that consider all stakeholders’ interests and hence are more sustainable than others. Arabesque analyses over 100 billion data points via 250,000 lines of code to construct its strategies.

Click for a video describing Arabesque’s investment process here.


Explore the sustainability of the world's biggest companies


The Arabesque S-Ray™ is Arabesque’s unique tool that allows anyone to monitor the sustainability of over 4,000 of the world’s largest corporations.


Arabesque S-Ray™ is simple and smart. It looks beneath a company’s surface, assessing its extra financial performance. This helps us to better understand the company’s value to society.


Through machine learning and big data, Arabesque S-Ray™ systematically combines over 200 environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics with news signals from over 50,000 sources across 15 languages.


First of its kind, the tool rates companies on the normative principles of United Nations Global Compact: Human Rights, Labour Rights, the Environment, and Anti-Corruption (GC Score). Arabesque S-Ray™ also provides industry-specific assessment of companies’ performance on financially material sustainability criteria (ESG Score).


Both scores are combined with a preferences filter that allows anyone to better understand each company’s business involvements and activities alignment with personal values. Arabesque S-Ray™ is the next generation transparency lens empowers stakeholders to make better decisions for a more sustainable future.

How Does It Work?

S-Ray can be used in three unique ways to evaluate companies:

  • GC Score (0-100) - a normative assessment of each company based on the core principles of the United Nations Global Impact.
  • ESG Score (0-100) - a sector analysis of each company's performance on financially material environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.
  • Preferences Filter - a search tool that allows anyone to check the business involvements of companies against their personal values.


GC Score

Arabesque S-Ray™ analyses companies based on the four core principles of the United Nations Global Compact (GC):
  1. Human rights
  2. Labour rights
  3. The environment
  4. Anti-corruption
With more than 9,000 corporate signatories from over 160 countries, the Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. It calls on companies and stakeholders to conduct business responsibly and to pursue opportunities that advance sustainable development goals. With Arabesque S-Ray™ these principles are quantified for the first time. It has the potential to inspire more companies to take shared responsibility and join the Global Compact in its commitment to achieve a sustainable and inclusive global economy.


ESG Score

Arabesque S-Ray™ incorporates sector-specific assessments of company performance across financial material environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. Each company is scored within the context of its industry environment based on factors that have significant relationship with future financial performance. The result is a proprietary ESG score for each company, providing an assessment of long-term financial performance.


Preference Filter

We aim to make sustainable investing attractive and available to all. This means we align day-to-day investment and purchasing decisions with personal preferences. Arabesque S-Ray™ enables investors and consumers alike to research the business involvements of companies based on their own values. This empowers you to make more informed decisions on how and where you utilise your money as an investor. The Preferences Filter offers selection tools based on the location, size and activities of a company, business involvements and faith compliance.


BIMB Invest - Arabesque 
In November 2015, BIMB Investment and Arabesque entered into a MoU providing the framework of a strategic partnership.

The investment process of future BIMB Investment products will be developed by Arabesque. Since the MoU, BIMB Investment has successfully launched two funds leveraging Arabesque. These funds are BIMB-Arabesque i Global Dividend Fund 1 and BIMB-Arabesque Malaysia ESG Shariah Equity Fund investment capabilities.


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