There are charges and fees involved and investors are advised to consider the charges and fees before investing in the Funds.
  Sales Charge

Unit Holders have to pay sales charge upon purchasing Units of the Fund, in addition to the investment amount.  

Funds Sales Charge per Unit *
(% of NAV per unit for Cash Sales)
BIMB i Growth,  BIMB Dana Al-Munsif, BIMB Dana Al-Falah, BIMB i Dividend Fund, BIMB i Flexi Fund and BIMB-Arabesque i Global Dividend Fund 1 Up to 5.00%
BIMB Dana Al-Fakhim Nil
BIMB-Arabesque Malaysia Shariah - ESG Equity Fund Up to 5.50%

The sales charge is applicable to all Classes of Units.







*The maximum rate of sales charges to be imposed by each distribution channel (i.e. direct sales channel, Bank Islam and IUTA). Investors are advised that they may negotiate for lower sales charge prior to the conclusion of the sales. Note: The above Sales Charges are subject to GST standard rate which are payable by Unit Holders.
Computation of the sales charge is illustrated below :-

Amount Invested         = RM 30,000.00
NAV per Unit               = RM 0.5000
Sales Charge* Rate    = 5 %
GST Rate                    = 6% from sales charge

Investment Amount      =                                  RM 30,000.00                                               
                                           [(1.0000 + sales charge rate)+ (GST rate from sales charge rate)]
                                       =          RM 30,000.00              
                                           [(1.0000 + 5%)+ (6% x 5%)]
                                       =  RM 30,000.00  

                                       =  RM 28,490.03
Sales Charge Amount    = RM 1,424.50
GST Amount                  = RM 85.47

Units Alloted to Investor = RM28,490.03 / NAV per unit
                                         = RM28,490.03 / RM 0.50000
                                         = 56,980.06 units

* The Sales Charge is subject to GST. At the current standard rate of 6%, the GST payable on the Sales Charge of RM1,424.50 will be RM85.47 (RM1,424.50 x 6% = RM85.47).

Please note that the above example is for illustration purpose only.

 Repurchase Charge:

The Manager does not intend to impose any repurchase charge on any repurchase transaction done by the Unit Holders.

 Transfer Fee:


BIMB-Arabesque Malaysia Shariah ESG - Equity Fund : RM10.00 per transfer.

  Switching Fee

This facility enables Unit Holders to switch units of one fund to units of other funds managed by the Manager. Units switched are transacted at the fund’s NAV.  

The switching fee may be imposed as follows:
 a)  1st time - Nil
 b)  2nd time Onward - RM 25 per transaction (switching fee is exempted for investors having a total investment with BIMB Invest of RM100,000 and above)

Note :
The Manager may, for any reason at any time, waive or reduce the amount of any fees or other charges payable by the Unit Holder in respect of the Fund.
The above switching fees is subject to Goods and Services Tax (GST) or any other similar sales tax or levy which will be payable by the Unit Holders.
The switching fee is applicable within the same type of asset class and same currency within funds managed by BIMB Investment Management Bhd. Cross currency switching is not allowed.

BIMB-Arabesque Malaysia Shariah - ESG Equity Fund : Switching is available within the same currency denomination of the funds managed by the Manager. Cross currency switching is prohibited.

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