Many people spend years searching for the best way to invest their savings. It was then discovered that managed investment, as in unit trusts, is one of the keys to investment success. Unit trusts are a convenient and sensible way for investors to enter the investment field. Unit trusts can offer you long-term performance, lower risk through diversification and the benefit of investment specialists looking after your money.
In order to make a wise investment decision, you should consider the following eight principles to successful investing in unit trusts:

Principle 1 : Learn The Basics - Unit Trust in General
Principle 2 : Know Yourself
Principle 3 : Establish Your Investment Strategy
Principle 4 : Start Early
Principle 5 : Invest Regularly
Principle 6 : Invest For The Long Term
Principle 7 : Diversify Your Portfolio
Principle 8 : Make Adjustments Over Time

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