Sustainability is a rising trend in the world that greatly influenced the financial and investment sector to appreciate the areas for positive growth of a company in the long run.
What is ESG?
ESG - stands for environmental, social and governance - a term that is used by investors to describe areas that characterize a sustainable, responsible, or ethical practices of a company. Companies with strong sustainability show greater operational performance with lower risks. In addition, investment opportunity that incorporates ESG elements has been proven to perform better and creates significant value for both the companies and investor.
It is related to the company's advocacy of nature itself. Matters such as reduction of pollution, waste prevention, and proper environmental management are taken into consideration to create a positive corporate environment.
It is the area to foster a good relationship with three major stakeholders - employees, customers, and community with practices such as diverse workforce, uphold human rights and worker safety standards which will influences a company's financial performance.
Governance deals with areas such as company's leadership, financial management, and stakeholder rights. A good corporate environment leads to better evaluation within firms. This applies to a company's legislation with functional and transparent board structure, which affects the company's leadership environment.
Integrating ESG in the investment process based on our philosophy:
  1. Sustainability
    ESG data shows sustainability performance of a company that is linked directly to the long-term financial success of the company with positive economic and social value.
  2. Quant
    We apply a rules-based quantitative process. It is to remove biases, in-depth assessment of quantity to obtain relevant information.
From more than 50,000 sources of data and news signals across 15 languages and applying more than 200 ESG metrics, we are able to assess the sustainability performance of companies, insights on the management quality of a company and strategic decisions taken to secure long-term financial success.
Companies are rated from the normative principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) that covers Human Rights, Labours Rights, the Environment and Anti Corruption, which is a first of its kind in Malaysia.
As a result, the information from ESG enables us to make strategic and wise financial decisions.
Each one of our fund offerings is tailored to suit your individual and corporate needs for a profitable investment and returns. To learn more on our funds that incorporate ESG, discover them below:
Global Islamic ESG
- BIMB-Arabesque i-Global Dividend Fund 1
Asia Pacific Islamic ESG
- BIMB-Arabesque Asia Pacific Shariah - ESG Equity Fund
Malaysia Islamic ESG
- BIMB-Arabesque Malaysia Shariah - ESG Equity Fund
- BIMB-Arabesque ValueCap Shariah - ESG Equity Fund


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